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Obtain your customers' contact details
LoyaltySoft creates a unique record for each of your customers, so you can keep track of their contact information, birthday, special requests and conversations you've had with them. It's a great way to get to know your customers better.
Issue points and reward vouchers
Reward your customers with points every time they make a purchase or take an action you want to encourage. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, they will be eligible for free reward vouchers that you define.
Group customers by their interests
Segment your customer list by their interests, so you can better target them with sales and promotions. LoyaltySoft enables you to create as many groups as you like, giving you maximum flexibility.
Send personalized marketing messages
Establish an ongoing relationship with your customers by sending them personalized email messages and graphical flyers. It's a great way to let them know about sales events and special promotions.
View real-time statistics and reports
Generate reports on the fly to see demographic information about your customers, how many points they have and discover which promotions are working best.
Enable customers to check their balances online
With LoyaltySoft, your customers can view their point balances online and issue themselves reward vouchers independently. Providing better service, without the hassle.
Control the look and feel of your club
LoyaltySoft enables you to modify your club's colors, fonts and logo to match your brand. Giving you a professional looking club, at a fraction of the cost.
Keep customer information always up-to-date
Make sure your customers' information is always up-to-date. LoyaltySoft enables you to perform automatic record validations, saving you both time and effort.
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